“... everything is interesting

if you go into it

deeply enough.”

Richard Feynman

Research Statement

My research interests lie in the intersection of communication networks, network security, and privacy, and I am deeply motivated by the desire to have an impact. Currently, my focus is on the application of cryptography in blockchain technology to improve the security of decentralized systems, as I believe that public blockchains as a technology have the potential to enable new forms of collaboration, which can have a significant impact on society. I strive to contribute to this field through my research to make blockchain technology more secure and accessible for a wider range of users and use cases. Additionally, I have research experience in secure time synchronization, anonymous communication, and covert communication, which add depth to my research portfolio.


I am always open to discussing potential projects, ideas, or problems in the areas of communication networks, network security, and privacy, particularly those with a high potential impact. My recent research has been focused on applied cryptography and blockchain technology. If you're interested in discussing any of these topics, please feel free to reach out to me via email at

web@please don't send me any emails unsolicitedlyannessi.net

For secure communication, I strongly recommend using encrypted email: my PGP key (ID: 912A0825) with the fingerprint F5CF 38F0 0C1D D27A 6B73 683C 0D6C 3CF9 912A 0825. I look forward to hearing from you!